Scott Ward Appointed President and COO of Browns Restaurant Group


VANCOUVER — Effective immediately, Scott Ward is the new president and COO of Browns Restaurant Group.

Ward, who joined Browns in 2009, has already assumed most day-to-day operational responsibilities for the company, which now has 55 franchised and four corporate locations in Canada, as well as three franchised locations in the U.S.

“As chairman and founder, I will continue to be the CEO and will continue to be heavily involved in our design and culinary direction,” says Scott Morrison, founder and CEO. “As we add new brands such as Liberty Kitchen and take on projects such as the Queen Elizabeth Theatre restaurant conversion and as we innovate within our existing framework and as we continually expand our footprint, I need more time to focus on these activities, which are our future. I will therefore be placing more responsibility for running the business in the hands of Scott and others on our executive and management team.”

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