Seal Meat to be Sold in China?


TORONTO — Today’s National Post has noted that Canada’s seal meat industry is pushing hard to sell its meat and products to China. The move comes in the wake of heavy sanctions being placed on the industry by the European Union last summer.  

It’s Economics 101 — when one export market dries up, you’d better find another one and quickly. Unfortunately for the continued health of the Canadian seal meat industry, new export markets are desperately needed.

“China is a huge market,” said Gail Shea, Canada’s minister of Fisheries and Oceans, in a teleconference call from Beijing on Tuesday. “The EU was a small market for Canada and of course we’sre disappointed in their actions [but] there are many other markets out there.”

Obviously, penetrating the Chinese market would open up a wealth of new opportunity for sales and keep many Canadian seal fishermen in business. To read the entire story, click here.



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