Second Cup Unveils Flat White Beverage


TORONTO — Who says you can’t wear white after Labour Day? Second Cup hosted an all-white shindig this morning at its 289 King St. W. location in Toronto to celebrate the launch of its new Flat White espresso beverage.

The espresso-based coffee is handcrafted with a double shot of Second Cup’s rich Espresso Forte, velvety steamed milk and a thin layer of micro-foam. It contains double the espresso and less milk than a latte, and double the espresso and less foam than a cappuccino. The term “Flat White” originated in Sydney, Australia in the mid-80s and, since then, the coffee-forward beverage has grown in popularity around the world. The beverage is now available in all Second Cup stores across Canada, and the team will be hitting select markets across the country, serving Flat Whites out of a beverage truck.

“It’s a good indication of the innovation and excellence that’s to come at Second Cup in the future,” shared Alix Box, president and CEO at the Mississauga, Ont.-based Second Cup Ltd. “We’re on an exciting journey of great transformation to restore this iconic Canadian specialty coffee company to something really special, and Flat White is just the beginning of it.”

Some of the rejuvenation efforts in the near future include a new loyalty program as well as a “Store of the Future,” a revamped Second Cup location, at 289 King St. W., which will feature a design by Toronto’s II by IV Design. “It’s going to be a very different looking Second Cup, and we are thrilled with our relationship with II by IV — they’re wonderful designers, and we will have a great set up,” enthused Box.



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