Secret Burger Restaurant Opens in Downtown Toronto


TORONTO — The Bottom Line restaurant has a secret — one they don’t want you to keep.
Tucked in the back corner of the Front St. restaurant is a new burger joint marked by a single, inconspicuous sign which reads “Hidden Burger.”

The Bottom Line owner, Wayne Cowley, launched Hidden Burger to cater to the Bay St. lunch crowd with no-nonsense lunch combos. The small burger counter offers a simple menu of made-to-order cheese burgers ($7.50), veggie burgers ($7.50) and double cheese burgers ($12), which can be paired with fries and a drink to make a combo deal ($10/$15 including tax). Hidden Burger also offers the Jughead Platter, featuring 10 burger combos for $100 tax in and Cowley revealed a “secret burger” will be on the menu in the near future.

The restaurant-within-a-restaurant concept came to life after The Bottom Line restaurant expanded into the neighbouring space, gaining a second kitchen. Cowley, along with his partner and CEO of Toronto-based UNOapp, Olivier Centner, considered various ways to take advantage of the ready-to-use space before settling on a secret restaurant concept.

In lieu of a traditional PR campaign, the pair chose to promote their new venture exclusively through social media and word of mouth, supplemented by the restaurant’s mobile-first strategy powered by UNOapp. “Our secret? Our technology-driven strategy to create value for a single location-based business via our online ordering system powered by UNOapp,” explained Cowley. “With retargeting, we can reward [Hidden Burger] fans and continue the conversation, offering ongoing specials, contesting and such. We’re rewarding customers for using the app. It’s the future of food.”

Rather than host a free burger day to launch the restaurant, Centner said the Hidden Burger team opted to utilize text-in coupons to build interest, while gathering a list of contacts for future promotions. “We’re using the smartest automated marketing platform for location-based businesses such as Hidden Burger to change the way people eat,” he said. “The business resonates with people and is already going gangbusters via word of mouth. We expect it to be a huge hit.”

Downtowners can drop in at Hidden Burger — if they can find it — or skip the lineup by ordering through the Hidden Burger app. Free, personalized delivery is also available for those within a 1 km radius, and the burger joint recently signed a deal with Foodora to expand its delivery service to within 2.5 km of the downtown core.

22 Front St., Toronto

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