My Shanti Declared Best New Vancouver Restaurant


TORONTO — The theme of Vancouver’s top restaurants is all about simplicity, according to The Globe and Mail’s restaurant critic Alexandra Gill, who compiled a list of the top 10 restaurants in Vancouver.

“Perhaps the most promising sign was the penchant for reinvention. Among my top 10 picks for the best new restaurants of 2014, eight — yes, eight — are owned by restaurateurs who have expanded, moved or launched new concepts. In many ways it feels like after the huge restaurant expansion leading to 2010, the Olympic bubble has deflated, but not necessarily for the worse. It appears that we’re settling down, unbuckling our belts and discovering our true appetites again. We’re creating the more relaxed dining spaces where we really want to eat, rather than cooking to impress the rest of the world,” she writes.

My Shanti won the number-1 spot, followed by Café Medina, Chambar, Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant, Ask For Luigi, Cinara, Exile Bistro, Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar, Mr. Red Café and Blacktail.

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