Shipping-Container Restaurant Coming to Granville Island

Photo: Leila Kwok

VANCOUVER — Four Vancouver chefs have teamed up to create a new restaurant on Granville Island.

Chefs Angus An, Robert Belcham, Hamid Salimian and Joël Watanabe have collaborated to create Popina Canteen — a casual counter-service concept that will be housed in repurposed shipping containers. The project is one of several initiatives being implemented as part of the Granville Island 2040 renewal process and is intended to begin the process of transforming the area around the island’s Public Market into a larger Market District.

The project will utilize the chefs’ wealth of fine-dining experience to inform the restaurant’s “casual and fun” offerings.

Popina Canteen is expected to launch this summer. And, according to Scout Magazine, the restaurant will offer menu items such as falafel, fried chicken, lobster rolls and ceviche, as well as a selection of beer and wine.

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