SIAL Spotlights Innovation in Coffee


TORONTO — The annual SIAL Canada brought the world’s food trends to Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre, where hundreds of suppliers showed off new fare and innovations on the showroom floor.

The 15th edition of SIAL Canada demonstrated the emphasis towards health and longevity. Tea, olive oil and nuts flourished, offering a range of organic options presented in see-through packaging.

Breakthroughs in healthier fare, low environmental impact and craveability were displayed at SIAL’s Innovation booth. “[This year] will be another great year for innovation at SIAL Canada. Our jury of Canadian experts has examined all the products carefully and identified 10 very innovative products that definitely reflect current North American trends in food,” said Robert Levy, president of BrandSpark International and the representative of XTC World Innovation in North America, SIAL Innovation’s partner.

Malimousse Seafood Dip with Greek yogurt earned the Grand Innovation award. Finalists included Doi Chaang Coffee Co.’s Social Medium, a 90-per-cent biodegradable coffee pod; Exotico’s Sumatra Robusta Green Coffee, a low-calorie coffee; Fresh Attitude Fraiche’s Teriyaki Stir Fry; Nupasta’s Konjac Angel Hair, gluten-free pasta; Omax’s Nutritious and Delicious Bar; Pure’s Infused Maple Syrup and Walter’s All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix.

Other innovations in coffee promise to limit the number of coffee pods in the landfill. Club Coffee L.P., based in Rexdale, Ont., has developed 100-per-cent compostable coffee pods that can be tossed in the green bin or backyard compost pile. “As we’ve been growing, we’ve seen consumer concern around the waste problem that single-serve has created,” explained Claudio Gemmiti, SVP of Innovation and Strategic Growth at Club Coffee. “We think compostability delivers a consumer solution that is both convenient, simple and intuitive for consumers — you don’t have to change their mindset or behaviours.” The team worked with the University of Guelph to develop technology that builds the coffee chaff into the ring of the pod. Gemmiti said the team is still obtaining approvals from municipalities, but expects to launch this year.
SIAL runs from April 28 to 30. Next year’s show will be held in Montreal from April 13 to 15.

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