Six Million Pounds of Promise


TORONTO — Second Harvest reached a bittersweet milestone, delivering its six millionth pound of food this year — the first time in the organization’s 25-year history that such a high volume of food has been recovered in a fiscal year.

“We are committed to feeding Toronto’s hungry, especially during difficult times,” says Melissa Dedic, a food raiser at Second Harvest. “This year, we responded to the dramatic increase in the demand for food by growing our food donations significantly. The food we recover and donate helps those most affected by the recession start rebuilding their lives.”

In 2009, social-service agencies who received food from Second Harvest reported a 20 to 30 per cent influx of people in need. More specifically, there was a large increase of need from people affected by job loss or reduced work hours.

All food items distributed by Second Harvest are perishable goods that would otherwise go to waste. Donations are supplied by restaurateurs, grocers, food manufacturers and distributors.

Photo courtesy of Second Harvest.

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