SkipTheDishes Releases French Fry Stats


WINNIPEG – In celebration of National French Fry Day SkipTheDishes and Heinz dipped into the data around French fry orders from across Canada.

There was an 841 per cent increase in French fry orders last year, with Ontario taking top spot buying 730,000 orders of traditional French fries, with Alberta and British Columbia rounding out the top three.

On the SkipTheDishes app, ketchup was second among condiments ordered with 150,000 – a number only topped by mayonnaise.

Sweet-potato fries, aka yam fries, were ordered 70,000 times last year, with curly fries and waffle fries accounting for more than 171,000 orders ,while poutine accounted for 3.4 million orders over the past year.

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