Smart Serve Launches New Website


TORONTO — Smart Serve Ontario launched a new website recently, which aims to assist hospitality workers improve public safety in an evolving and more regulated alcohol service environment.

“The focus of this free-access site is to provide information and tips, discussion and informal learning opportunities,” said Verity Dimock, Smart Serve executive director. “It is designed to help managers and owners of licensed establishments maintain and even grow sales, while also respecting the realities of responsible alcohol service.”

With managers’ needs constantly changing, the hope is that the new site will penetrate the vibrant online community with new and practical tools on responsible service. Visitors can test their Blood Alcohol Concentration IQ, participate in monthly polls and watch videos with experienced managers explaining how to stay on top of alcohol service issues while still growing business. The site also includes a monthly article, as well as other interactive features on subjects like managing your environment, training and orientation.


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