Smooth Move


TORONTO — This past weekend Bob Blumer, host of Food Network Canada’s Glutton for Punishment, set a Guinness World Record in Toronto for building the most pizzas by an individual in an hour, and yesterday, July 8, the Dairy Farmers of Canada followed suit, building the world’s largest smoothie at the Bust-a-Record Dairy Day held at the city’s waterfront.

“Setting a new Guinness World Record with the All-Canadian Blueberry Smoothie is a wonderful way to celebrate our Canadian dairy producers and the purity, high quality and great taste of dairy products made from 100-per-cent Canadian milk,” said Jacques Laforge, president of Dairy Farmers of Canada.

The 1,000-litre smoothie, packed with Canadian product, included 550 litres of milk, 300 kg of frozen blueberries, 150 litres of vanilla yogurt and 35 litres of honey blended in a 1,200-litre stainless steel bolt tank.

To find the nutritious record-breaking recipe, click here.

Photo courtesy of Dairy Farmers of Canada


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