somm App Offers Hospitality Sector New Channel for Wine Sales


TORONTO — somm Marketplace has launched to help the hospitality sector find new avenues to reach consumers.

The innovative tool is offered through the newly launched somm app, which not only creates a new connection between business owners and their customers, but also gives the business more control of their economics in using a mobile platform for expanding their reach. somm Marketplace is designed to provide a channel for bars and restaurants to continue selling wine, which is a much higher margin item than food.

“somm connects its users to restaurants, bottle shops, hotels and existing wine agencies that have an e-commerce presence, with distribution and delivery already part of their service,” says Jennifer Stasiewich, founder and Chief Executive of somm. “We work closely with the full wine ecosystem, from wineries to agencies to restaurants, hotels and bottle shops. Our platform is highly scalable and reception from the wine community has been tremendous thus far. Users are also really excited about having a way to easily discover wines they can’t typically find at the de facto big box store. Plus, we have an e-commerce platform that works and our partners typically deliver in less than a week.”

The somm app demands a smaller commission than that paid via food-delivery apps, allowing business owners to put more money in their own pockets. The Toronto-based tech company’s goal is to revolutionize and democratize wine for everyone, offerings users a ‘smarter way for you to pick wine,’ regardless of knowledge level, location, budget, occasion or food options.

“We’ve designed the whole company to be scalable, mutually accretive and mutually complementary to our partners. It needs to be a win-win and we really care about our relationships,” says Stasiewich. “somm Marketplace gives consumers access to merchants they may not have known existed and gives them access to a full range of wines that you simply can’t buy at the LCBO. It is really approachable and accessible to everyone.”

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