Spicing up menus with chorizo crumbles


PREMORO® Chorizo Sausage Crumbles open a world of menu possibilities for creative chefs and customers. Made with a premium blend of quality pork and carefully selected spices, they are a perfect addition to premium and signature menu items.

The rapid rise in the popularity of burrito locations and Mexican restaurants is driving demand for chorizo flavours, making it challenging for operators to keep up, says Dan Glendinning, Country Manager, Canada foodservice, Hormel Foods Canada. “Today’s customers are looking for more Latin American, Mexican and Spanish-style flavours in their menu choices.”

PREMORO® Chorizo Sausage Crumbles offer a unique twist on traditional dry chorizo, delivering a softer texture and a perfect south-of-the-border zing to wake up a menu. Users can simply weigh out the amount they need and add them to their favourite recipes, without having to worry about wastage or handling of raw meat. The result is a consistent flavour profile and natural appearance.

The list of menu options for this spicy addition are endless. They add just the right kick and texture to everything from pizzas, burritos, quesadillas and nachos, to soups, chilis and dips. They can also be mixed with other proteins, from eggs and cheese to beef and pork, to add an extra layer of flavour to omelettes, soups, and more.

For example, chefs can add some spice to their breakfast menu using chorizo crumbles with egg and cheese for a true Mexican-style breakfast pizza or omelette. Or add them to a cheese or black-bean dip to create a signature nacho platter.

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