Square KDS Now Available in Canada as Standalone Product


TORONTO — Square KDS has launched as a standalone subscription in Canada and across the globe.

Square first announced the availability of Square KDS software, which helps restaurants display and organize incoming orders, last November as part of its Square for Restaurants Plus package.

While Square KDS combined with Square for Restaurants Plus is a solution for any restaurant that experiences high-order volume across multiple channels, Square KDS as a standalone solution is especially useful for delivery-only kitchens — often referred to as ghost or cloud kitchens.

Restaurants can enable Square KDS with no long-term commitments or professional installation costs, allowing operators to keep staff training time to a minimum. Canadian sellers can get started with a special introductory price of $10 per month per device through the remainder of 2021. Square for Restaurants Plus subscribers can access unlimited Square KDS devices at no additional cost.

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