St-Hubert to Stock Allerject Epinephrine Auto-Injectors


MONTREAL — The St-Hubert restaurant chain is teaming up with Sanofi Canada to stock Allerject epinephrine auto-injectors in all of its 117 locations in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick by Sept. 15.

Allerject is used for the emergency treatment of serious allergic reactions, in both adult and children’s dosages as a back-up in emergency situations. The restaurants will also receive anaphylaxis training kits to help ensure St-Hubert employees are trained and prepared in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

“This announcement is great news for the severe allergy community and it demonstrates St-Hubert’s continued efforts and leadership in meeting the needs of its customers, including those living with the risk of anaphylaxis,” says Dominique Seigneur, director of Development and Communications of the Quebec Food Allergy Association.

Tracey Ramsay, VP of the Hospital, Specialty and Consumer Unit at Sanofi Canada, which distributes Allerject, explains that having backup epinephrine auto-injectors is important because of the role epinephrine plays in the treatment of severe allergic reactions when the unexpected can occur. “Someone having a severe allergic reaction may have forgotten their auto-injector or an extreme reaction may require a second injection,” says Ramsay. “By partnering with St-Hubert restaurants, we are working together to build awareness of severe allergic reactions and how to be prepared in the event of an emergency.”

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