Starbucks Canada Introducing Oat Beverage


TORONTO — Starbucks has announced plans to launch oat beverage in all company-owned stores across Canada.

Oat beverage represents the fourth dairy alternative to join Starbucks Canada’s menu, which includes soy beverage, almond beverage and coconut beverage

Known for its mild flavour and velvety foam, Starbucks Oat beverage is non-GMO, made without preservatives, artificial flavours or colour and is made with oats sourced from Canada.

Oat beverage has become a fast-growing dairy alternative in Canada. Last year alone saw oat-beverage sales spike by 250 per cent nationwide, according to CBC News.

Expanding plant-based menu options delivers choice and customization and meets emerging customer preferences. This new offering also supports the company’s global sustainability commitments to be resource and planet positive by 2030.

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