Starbucks Delivers Comes to Canada


TORONTO — Starbucks Canada is launching door-to-door delivery service in partnership with Uber Eats.

Starbucks Delivers will be available in major cities, including Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, starting this summer. The company expects the service to help it reach new customers using the Uber Eats platform, as well as offer existing customers added convenience.

“Our success is rooted in our ongoing commitment to bringing exceptional customer experiences through significant investments in technology and product innovation. Uber Eats is the ideal partner to help share the Starbucks experience wherever our customers are,” says Michael Conway, president of Starbucks Canada. “Learning from our global Starbucks Delivers rollout, we’ve incorporated unique company packaging and standards to deliver Starbucks products to Canadians without compromising the high-quality of handcrafted beverages, food and service they expect from us.”

Starbucks Delivers will be available through the Uber Eats mobile app. The service will feature the majority of Starbucks’ core menu items and more than 170,000 beverage customizations.

Starbucks currently offers delivery service in 12 global markets and intends to pilot the service in additional countries this year. The service we first launched in the U.S. in 2018 and has since rolled out in the U.K., China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

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