Starbucks Enters Juice Market


LOS ANGELES — Starbucks is making a move into the competitive juice market with the opening of Evolution Fresh in Bellevue, Washington.

Last November, Starbucks purchased Evolution Fresh — a San Bernardino, Calif.-based juice company — for $30 million. The juicing process uses a heat-free, high-pressure pasteurization that is said to hold more nutrients than conventional methods.

The flagship store boasts a “juice wall” where customers can choose from a variety of juices, which range from apple, coconut water or carrot. The brand uses original drink names such as “field of greens” ($4.99, 8-oz or $7.99, 16-oz). Oatmeal, wraps, salads and soups are also available, with vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.

Starbucks has not revealed how many units they expect to open.

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