Starbucks Introduces New Logo


SEATTLE — Starbucks is changing things up and reinventing its logo.

In the new design, the famed Mermaid, or siren, is enlarged and the border with the Starbucks Coffee name has been dropped. “It embraces and respects our heritage, and at the same time evolves us to a point where we feel it is more suitable for the future,” Howard Schultz, the company’s chairman, president and CEO explains in a video statement. “We’sve allowed [the siren] to come out of the circle in a way that I think gives us the freedom and flexibility to think beyond coffee.”

The freshly liberated siren, which has been incorporated in the logo since 1971, will help herald a new beginning at the company that has undergone a tough couple of years. “We’ve always believed the best days of Starbucks are ahead of us,” says the CEO in a statement. “[Looking forward] we see a world in which we are a vital part of more than 16,000 neighbourhoods around the world, in more than 50 countries, forming connections with millions of customers every day in our stores, in grocery aisles, at home and at work. Starbucks will continue to offer the highest-quality coffee, but we will offer other products as well.”

Look for the new logo in March as part of the company’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

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