Starbucks Opens Express Store in Montreal’s Central Station


MONTREAL — The second Starbucks express-store format in Canada opens tomorrow in Montreal’s Central Station. While current Montreal stores are created for a sit-down café experience, this store is designed to provide a faster speed of service ideal for morning commuters.

“The express-store format is an ‘espresso-shot’ version of the store experience Starbucks is known for. Everything about the store design comes together to provide customers with the most streamlined experience in order serve high-quality Starbucks products with speed,” says Chris Tarrant, vice-president of Store Development, Starbucks Canada.

Montreal’s 400-sq.-ft. Central Station Express Store is the second in Canada — the other is in Toronto’s Union Station — and seamlessly integrates technology and efficiency into the customer experience, reducing the amount of time customers need to stand in line.

Upon entry, customers are greeted by a Starbucks partner (employee) who takes orders via a tablet, which are then electronically sent to the barista. Moving through the space, customers see a digital menu board displayed on four low-glare monitors. A set of menu options — tailored for the commuter — includes the most popular products with Québécois customers; with a focus on high-quality brewed coffee, signature espresso beverages and a selection of popular food items, including breakfast sandwiches.

“The open layout creates a walk-through experience that ensures Starbucks customers are receiving an excellent experience from our partners,” says Tarrant. “They can travel through the space quickly and efficiently to continue on their day without having to worry about catching their train.”

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