Starbucks Teams with Evergreen

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TORONTO — Gourmet coffee giant Starbucks is asking espresso aficionados to feed the environment by “pledging to do some green” this summer as part of the company’s drive to support the not-for-profit green group Evergreen.

The pledges, which can be submitted on Starbucks’ Facebook page, will go to Evergreen’s stewardship and restoration program, which aims to unite people with nature and restore, protect and steward public green spaces across Canada.

Starbucks and Evergreen have long been partners in environmental advocacy, and this year’s partnership will up the ante by getting more than 2000 Starbucks’ employees involved in planting, protecting and maintaining natural grounds.

“One of our goals as an organization is to create a sustainable society where people and businesses can live in harmony with, and contribute meaningfully, to their local environment,” said Stewart Chisholm, common grounds program director for Evergreen, in a press release. “Partnerships such as this are integral to the continued success of Evergreen and our ability to support community-driven efforts that make our communities more livable.”


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