Starbucks Uses QR Codes to Increase Sales


SEATTLE, Wash. — Starbucks will be using QR codes in various U.S. locations and magazines to promote a new line of its fall coffee offerings, reports Mobile Commerce Daily.

“Starbucks is using traditional media like print and outdoor to drive downloads of their mobile app, and the QR Code is a great way for smartphone users to get it in one click,” said David Javitch, vice-president of marketing at Scanbuy, New York as quoted in Mobile Commerce Daily.

Scanning the QR code either in a magazine or from a flyer, takes customers to a mobile landing page that features a video of Starbucks’ Caffe Verona blend. The site also offers the nearest store locations, previews other company offerings and lets users browse the menu and shop for products.

Starbucks has been integrating mobile technology in its foodservice operation with the introduction of The Starbucks Card mobile application in 2010, which was accepted at Target and its own company stores. The coffee giant has also recently launched a new app that features gift-card capabilities.

The latest QR code campaign utilized the services of ScanBuy, a mobile bar code products and software company that uses camera phone as a connector between the physical and digital.

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