Staying On-Track with Del Monte Fresh Produce

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It’s no secret plant-based and flexitarian lifestyle choices are on the rise among Canadian consumers. Among younger generations, concerns involving the environmental sustainability of our food systems, personal health and fitness and animal welfare have caused many to reduce animal products and incorporate more fresh fruit and vegetables into their diets. Del Monte Fresh Produce considers this plant-forward trend one worth getting behind.

Chicago-based consumer research firm Technomic reports 51 per cent of Americans following a plant-based or flexitarian lifestyle are doing so as a result of trying to eat more healthfully, while a 2018 Dalhousie University-led survey indicates that more than half of the Canadian population would like to consume less meat — again, mainly for health reasons. That said, consumers often find it difficult to balance healthy lifestyle changes with already-busy work and family schedules.

Dionysios Christou, vice-president of Marketing at Del Monte Fresh Produce, says the company is ready to meet the needs of today’s health and environment-conscious, on-the-go Canadians.

“With our wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetable options (ranging from whole to fresh cut to organic), we offer healthful and nutritious options that fit seamlessly into modern lifestyle choices,” he says.

The latest research by medical and scientific publications (such as EAT-Lancet) indicate global meat and sugar consumption needs to be lowered by as much as 50 per cent in order to reach climate-change goals and ensure a stable environment. With an eye towards the future of the Earth, Del Monte Fresh Produce incorporates sustainability and diversification programs at all levels of production.

As a result of this commitment to the environment, consumers can enjoy Del Monte Fresh Produce knowing they’ve made a great choice for both their health and the continued wellbeing of the planet.

“As one of the leading companies in the produce industry, our role is to champion and become an early adopter of new technologies and sustainable solutions,” Christou explains.“To help to continue to grow these initiatives, Del Monte Fresh Produce has adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to serve as an aspirational framework for its current and future sustainability efforts.”

Del Monte Fresh Produce is also continuing its efforts surrounding irrigation and electrical-system upgrades and its Carbon Neutrality Certification across its facilities and farms. This is all part of the brand’s vision of “creating a transparent food chain while investing in the future of food.”

“Del Monte Fresh Produce believes addressing sustainability issues is critical to the future of our planet and with an ‘always-on’ approach, communicates these efforts to trade buyers and consumers through face-to-face presentations and digital media,” Christou says.

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