Subway Hits 600 in La-La Land


LOS ANGELES — The city of Angels, a place known for warm weather and Hollywood celebrities, may soon be known for sandwiches too, as the Subway restaurant chain has reached the milestone of 600 locations in the Los Angeles area.

The landmark restaurant, owned by multi-unit franchisees — Parvis Mohammadi, Mehrangiz Goodarzi-Aski and Sharab Siegel — is a family run business located inside Union Station, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

“We are thrilled to have the privilege of opening the 600th Subway restaurant in Los Angeles and appreciate all the support from our valued customers, as well as the staff of the local Subway development office. Without them, we would not be here today,” says Mehrangiz Goodarzi.

Subway execs say unit 600 is quite unique for a chain restaurant, as it is a full store inside a kiosk. Keeping in theme with the rest of the Station, the restaurant features a dark wood finish. Although only 250 square feet, 362 subs were sold at the site the day it opened.  

“It’s a historical building,” says Hardy Grewal, Los Angeles-based development agent for the chain. “Permitting had to go through not only all of the usual departments but also the Historical Board as well.”  

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