Subway puts the Spotlight on Ethnic Flavours


TORONTO — Canadians craving ethnic flavours can sink their teeth into Subway’s new Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich.

“The Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich is part of Subway Restaurants’ ongoing mission to make Sandwishes come true by providing Canadians with the opportunity to experience new flavours that reflect the multitude of cultures our country has to offer,” says Kathleen Bell, director of National Marketing at Subway Restaurants Canada. “Canadians have expressed a desire to try bolder, culturally-diverse flavours and the Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich not only satisfies this desire, it has also enabled Subway restaurants to stand at the forefront of this flavour trend with a new take on a summertime favourite.”

The sandwich features slow-roasted pulled pork tossed in a savoury glaze infused with a mix of soy, garlic, gochujang paste and sesame oil ($5.49/6-inch and $8.49/footlong).

The new menu item is available at Subway locations across the country for a limited time.

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