Super Bowl Food Trends


WASHINGTON — Chicken wings, pizza, salsa, dips and nachos are being pegged as popular take-out foods that will be consumed during this weekend’s faceoff between New England and New York at Super Bowl 46, according to a National Restaurant Association (NRA) survey.

“When it comes to favourite game-watching foods, dips, chicken wings and pizza top the list. But, about two out of five individuals who plan to watch the big game, say healthful food items are a must on their table that day,” said Hudson Riehle, senior vice-president of the Research and Knowledge Group for the NRA as quoted in QSR magazine.

Top 10 popular game-day foods are: salsa, dips and spreads, chicken wings, pizza, desserts, subs/sandwiches, nachos, healthy food items, salads, fried, baked and roasted chicken and hamburgers as well as cheeseburgers.

The NRA estimates 48-million Americans will order takeout or delivery from a restaurant while watching the football championship and 12 million are expected to visit a restaurant or bar to watch the big game.

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