SupraCut Systems International Creates a New Wedge for the Hospitality Industry


A pair of Saskatchewan inventors are making a major improvement to food preparation in the hospitality industry with the creation of the SupraCut 800.

Co-invented by Kevin Szakacs and Barrie Mann, the SupraCut automates the prepping of lemon and lime wedges and offers patented ‘courtesy-slice’ technology — all within a few seconds cycle.

“There’s no machine that automatically wedges fruit and provides the option to add a small cut inside the middle of each wedge of fruit. Today, employees manually wedge fruit and then make that little cut in the middle on every piece of fruit. Contactless prep and storage benefits are an added feature as the industry seeks to improve health-and-hygiene solutions in a post COVID-19 era. The ‘courtesy-slice’ technology within the SupraCut has solved a global problem,” explains Szakacs, president and CEO at SupraCut Systems International. “SupraCut is the only machine where you load the fruit, close the door,and within seconds it’s perfectly wedged. The option to add the ‘courtesy slice’ allows the fruit to hang off the side of the glass, which is a preferred method when providing a lemon or lime wedge with drinks. SupraCut meets volume needs of all venues and size, space, pricing and certification needs were all addressed during the design and engineering process. ”

“It’s one thing to have an idea and another to see it to the finish line. Designing, engineering and manufacturing a commercial-grade unit that meets the needs of the industry is extremely complex. There are no shortcuts,” says, Szakacs, who once owned Boston Pizza franchises.  “In 2020, we’re finalizing production requirements, including going through the stringent certification processes. Pre-sales have started and demand for the SupraCut is exceeding expectations.”

The primary market for the SupraCut are bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, cruise ships and resorts that may use anywhere from 100 to more than 10,000 fruit wedges per day. The secondary market is hospitals, catering companies, military and grocery stores add an extra layer of opportunity.

Enhanced quality, consistency and freshness, along with the much-improved health-and-safety features are the key benefits for all SupraCut owners. Labour and waste savings varies based on the venue and its volume. At first glance, you see a wedge fruit, but the SupraCut product is far more than that — the lemon and lime wedge is typically the first impression to the perceived quality of food or drinks.

“We’re proud to be a Canadian company with local investors who have supported the SupraCut project from the very beginning. It really is a Canadian-based entrepreneurial story, but we have a global market needing the SupraCut. North America is our primary focus, however, the future plans are to market worldwide”

“This is a commercial-grade machine and built to last. If you quantify the SupraCut cost per day versus the reduced labour costs, reduced food waste and the reduced health-and-safety risk, the decision to add a SupraCut to your equipment list makes a lot of sense. Regardless of volume, the SupraCut meets every client’s needs,” says, Szakacs.

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