Sushi Restaurant Offers Philippines’ President-Inspired Dish

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HALIFAX — Nova Scotia’s Hamachi Mura’s staff have created a new menu item in celebration of 71-year old Rodrigo Duterte’s election as president of the Philippines.

The Bedford-based sushi restaurant debuted its Duterte Spicy Maki made with tuna, salmon and cream cheese panko topped with chopped salmon, spicy tuna, tempura sweet potato, red curry sauce, unagi sauce, sesame seeds and japapeno ($14.99 for 10 pieces).

The restaurant’s kitchen staff are predominantly Filipino and Duterte supporters. Juvi, a chef at the restaurant who hails from the Philippines, says this is a way Filipinos can celebrate their new president’s victory.

Hamachi Mura is well-known throughout the Halifax region and is consistently ranked among the area’s top sushi restaurants. [Sun.Star Davao]

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