TABASCO®: Extending a Hand


As the challenges facing the foodservice industry continue to evolve, C.W. Shasky & Associates (CWS) has continued to evolve its resources to help support operators through the challenges of today’s market environment.

As Ryan Marquis, TABASCO® Foodservice Canada corporate chef and president of the Canadian Culinary Federation, explains, CWS created a number of resources during the pandemic, including a variety of recipes and examples of how operators how they can utilize TABASCO® products to elevate their menus and differentiate themselves from the competition. The goal of these, Marquis shares, “is to give our customers ideas on how they can generate more profit, with just pennies in cost.”

These Menu & Profit video series also demonstrate how operators can get the most out of TABASCO®’s sauces by using them in multiple applications across the menu.

However, Marquis notes, moving forward, CWS looks forward to more opportunities to support its clients in person. “We’ve always based our business on [the motto] ‘see the difference, smell the difference and taste the difference that quality makes’ and that’s really difficult to do over a virtual platform,” he quips.

The company also plans to expand availability of TABASCO®’s line of sauces in quarter-gallon plastic jugs, which are currently available at many Wholesale Club locations across Canada.

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