Taco Bell Canada Opens New Location in Saskatoon


SASKATOON — Taco Bell Canada has opened a new location in Saskatoon — the fourth in less than two years.

The new Melville location in the South Saskatoon community joins existing locations on Millar Avenue (in the north), 22nd Street (in the west) and 8th Street (in the east). It showcases an overhauled design footprint, featuring updated decor and an open-kitchen layout — providing increased transparency into how food is prepared, while also simplifying and modernizing the restaurant experience.

In addition to expanding through new store locations across Canada, Taco Bell Canada is continuing to drive momentum on a national scale through innovative and out-of-the-box marketing initiatives, such as Crunchwrapping Paper, which launched during the holiday season. Most recently, Taco Bell Canada announced it will be launching a nacho-cheese dispensing billboard (dubbed the ‘Cheesiest Billboard’) in Toronto on January 19 to celebrate the return of the Naked Chicken Chalupa with Nacho Cheese.

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