Taco Bell Debuts Its First Fashion Line


VAUGHAN, Ont. — Taco Bell has partnered with celebrity Toronto designer Haley Elsaesser to bring the taco chain’s propensity for the arts to fruition by launching the TaCoat — the fashion industry’s first-ever winter jacket inspired by a taco.

“The love that our fans have for Taco Bell, as well as the arts, inspired us to do something special and unlike anything we’ve done before,” says Katelyn Zborowski, associate Marketing manager for Taco Bell Canada. “We set out to create a uniquely Taco Bell Canada coat to help keep one lucky super fan warm this winter. It was an easy decision to partner with Hayley Elsaesser to bring our vision to life and we’re very excited to unveil the finished design and give our fans the chance to win the TaCoat for themselves.”

Elaesser’s taco couture is a convertible jacket that highlight’s Taco Bell’s and its fans’ natural appreciation for fashion. It features special insulated utility pockets perfect for holding pocket-related items. They’re also the perfect shape for holding a Taco Bell taco or Fire Sauce. To provide tortilla fashionistas with optimal warmth, the TaCoat includes two layers of insulation, with the outer shell featuring a tastefully illustrated taco print on a wavy background in Taco Bell’s iconic shade of purple. The detachable inner layer boasts subtle shades of teal, green and aqua.

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