Taco Bell Introduces Naked Chicken Chips


VAUGHAN, Ont. — Taco Bell Canada has launched its new Naked Chicken Chips. Taking inspiration from the iconic duo of chips and dip, the new Naked Chicken Chips are triangle-shaped, seasoned, all-white-meat crispy chicken pieces, paired with nacho-cheese sauce.

Naked Chicken Chips build off the success of the brand’s Naked Chicken Chalupa — first launched in Canada in summer 2017.

Along with the launch of this new menu item, Taco Bell is also rolling out the Extra Menu online at extramenu.ca, which features a variety of over-the-top (and pricy) Taco Bell and Naked Chicken Chips themed merchandise and experiences.

“Everyone loves being the first to experience a secret menu at their favourite hot spot, so we’re taking that one step further with our uniquely Taco Bell, one-of-a-kind, Extra Menu,” says Veronica Castillo, head of Marketing and R&D at Taco Bell Canada.

Items featured on the Extra Menu include items such as a gold-plated suit of armour holding a plate of Naked Chicken Chips ($105,000) and personalized “Chipmojis.”

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