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2016 Pinnacle Awards – Supplier of the Year, Beretta Farms

Beretta Farms shares its organic meat, ethical farming values and feel-good philosophy with Canadian foodservice friends. Congratulations Beretta Farms on winning the 2016 Pinnacle...

2016 Pinnacle Awards – Chef of the Year, Anthony Walsh

Anthony Walsh has spent 25 years helping to build a restaurant empire. Congratulations Anthony on winning the 2016 Pinnacle Award for Chef of the...

2016 Pinnacle Awards – Independent Restaurateur of the Year, BMeX

BMeX Restaurant Group's continued growth is shaping the face of Calgary's dining scene. Congratulations BMeX on winning the 2016 Pinnacle Award for Independent Restauranteur...

2016 Pinnacle Awards – Regional Company of the Year, Paramount Foods

A chance encounter lead Mohamed Fakih to build a Middle-Eastern restaurant empire. Congratulations Paramount Find Foods on winning the 2016 Pinnacle Award for Regional...

2016 Pinnacle Awards – Company of the Year, McDonald’s

McDonald's Restaurants of Canada reinvents its 20th-century model for a 21st-century market. Congratulations McDonald's Restaurants of Canada for winning the 2016 Pinnacle Award for...