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Trends in Breakfast and Brunch Foods

Food trends can be shifty concepts, easily influenced by increasingly tough competitive environments, rising food and labour costs and changes in customer preferences. “I’d...

The 2017 Hospitality Market Report

While Canadian foodservice operators should expect a modestly healthy 2017 in terms of growth, increasing competition and a changing consumer-spending landscape are going to...

Ethnic Eats

Canadians have long embraced ethnic eats, thanks to our ever-growing multiculturalism and taste for bold, adventurous flavours. However, as global fare becomes increasingly mainstream,...

Canadian Operators Are Stickin’ With Chicken

Canadians are eating more chicken than ever. According to the Chicken Farmers of Canada Data Booklet, in 1965, the average Canadian ate 10 kilos...

The 2017 BAR Report

Canadians love their tipple — they’re just not imbibing as much at bars and restaurants. According to Statistics Canada, Canadians spent $22.1 billion on...

The Pub Segment is Offering More Sophisticated Food-and-beverage Options

While pub patrons want spicy foods, decadent burgers and more craft beers, they also want healthier options and improved decor — making navigating and...