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Gone Fishing: Chef Shane Robilliard is Championing Home-grown, Sustainable Menus

Shane Robilliard says he’s a lucky man. “Most chefs start their day picking up a coffee. I get to go fishing,” says the director...

Netting Sustainable Salmon


In late spring, B.C.’s Kuterra announced the first commercial harvest of farmed Atlantic salmon from its next-generation facility on Vancouver Island. Raised in tanks on dry land, Kuterra’s salmon is produced without hormones and without the antibiotics and pesticides needed in open-net aquaculture.

From Sourcing to Purchasing, How Is Seafood Measuring Up?

There’s a problem with fish — it’s fishy. “They want it because it’s healthy, but most of my retail customers ask for something that...

Declining Salmon Stocks Continue to Cause Concern

ST. ANDREWS, N.B. — Despite efforts to encourage other countries to conserve salmon stocks, an international organization is warning steep declines are an imminent...