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Dan Aykroyd Creates the Golden Caesar for Caesar’s 50th Anniversary

TORONTO — This year’s National Caesar Day marks the 50th anniversary of the Canadian. To commemorate the occasion, Dan Aykroyd, Canadian comedian and co-founder of...

Dan Aykroyd Hits the Road to Celebrate 50th Caesar Anniversary

TORONTO — Canadian comedian Dan Aykroyd will hit the road to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Caesar. Aykroyd is celebrating the golden anniversary of Canada's cocktail by sharing...

Producer Profiles: Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix; Churn84

MELLOW YELLOW Barrel-churned in Stirling, Ont., Churn84 has quickly become the butter of choice for bakers and chefs. The European-style product offers a higher butterfat...

Mr Mikes Steakhouse Issues Challenge to Jimmy Kimmel

VANCOUVER — Mr Mikes SteakhouseCasual has challenged one of America’s best known late night show hosts, Jimmy Kimmel, to drink a Caesar on Canada...