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Union Chicken Serves up Fried Chicken and Champagne

TORONTO — Union Chicken is serving up a Fried Chicken and Champagne special until New Year’s Eve. In chef Michael Angeloni’s newest creation, the champagne...

Sparkling Wine Isn’t Just for Celebrations Anymore

A little bubbly is a classic accompaniment to celebrations and special occasions, but it’s also become a versatile staple on any restaurant’s wine list. “In...

On the Bubble

A little bubbly can work wonders on its own, with food or in a cocktail.Whether it’s with a subtle pop, or the...

Divers Discover 200-Year-Old Bubbly

STOCKHOLM — Scuba divers recently emerged from the Baltic Sea with some unexpected loot — a bottle of champagne that’s more than 200 years...

Gold Medal Champers

WHISTLER, B.C. — According to an article on ctv.ca, André Saint-Jacques, owner of Whistler’s trendy Barefoot Bistro, — voted the area’s top dinning destination...