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Naan & Kabob Launches Afghan-Inspired Brunch Menu

TORONTO — Naan & Kabob will debut its new Afghan-inspired brunch menu June 8. “I’m truly excited to share with Toronto the exciting flavour profiles of...

Garam Masala & Cumin-Roasted Lamb Shoulder, Black Chickpeas & Crispy Cauliflower

Recipe created for Club House for Chefs’ Taste Dinner by Ted Corrado, corporate executive chef of The Drake Properties. Ingredients Lamb shoulder 1/4 cup garam masala 1/4 cup...

Chef Michael Smith Encourages Canadians to Support World Food Day

WINNIPEG — Chef Michael Smith is urging Canadians to adopt a climate-friendly diet on World Food Day (Oct. 16) by eating more pulses. The...

Chef Michael Smith Ushers in International Year of Pulses

TORONTO — The United Nations declared 2016 to be the International Year of Pulses and chef Michael Smith recently celebrated the distinction with a...