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Chipotle Raises $1 Million for Oliver’s Food Revolution

DENVER — Chipotle Mexican Grill and its customers have raised $1 million for chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution campaign. The two foodservice giants joined...

Viva la Revolucion!

DENVER — Chipotle Mexican Grill, with locations across the states as well as two Canadian locations — both in Toronto — has partnered with...

Chipotle to Open Second Toronto Restaurant

TORONTO — The first Chipotle Mexican Grill to open in Toronto was an immediate hit, so it’s not surprising the incredibly popular Denver-based chain...

Week of March 22, 2010

  Compass Group Canada CEO, Jack MacDonald, Announces RetirementLate last week, Jack MacDonald, CEO of Compass Group Canada and ESS North America, announced...

Hot Box’n it

DENVER — The group office lunch can be a challenge. Multiple orders and multiple bags can make things tricky, particularly for the poor intern...

Chipotle Unleashes Solar Plan

DENVER – Chipotle Mexican Grill has continued its green theme with a plan to introduce solar panels at approximately 75 Chipotle restaurants during the...