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Form Meets Function in Today’s Restaurant Uniform Design

In the escalating fight for talent and patrons, the choice of uniforms is becoming a major selling point for many operations. So, when a...

Reducing Your Food Cost Could be Easier than You Think

One simple trick can reduce your food cost by two to three per cent. Gather a descending dollar report (or descending case report) from...

Starbucks to Increase Coffee Prices In U.S.


NEW YORK — Starting this week, the Seattle-based chain is raising prices on select beverages for its U.S. customers by five to 20 cents and up to a dollar on its packaged coffee in grocery stores.

Is Toronto’s Local-Food Policy at Risk?

TORONTO — Toronto City Council is reconsidering a buy-local food policy for long-term care homes, shelters and daycare centres, reports the Toronto Star. ...

The Bottom Line

Ten ways to find internal profit in a tight economy The current shift in consumer priorities is going to continue for the...

Boneless Wings, the New Cheaper Choice

NEW YORK – A recent New York Times article reveals that restaurateurs are dealing with higher prices for traditional bone-in chicken wings, while boneless...