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Two More Food Booths Shuttered at CNE

TORONTO — On the heels of a tainted Cronut Burger scandal that made more than 200 people sick, two more food booths at the...

Maple Bacon Jam Linked to Foodborne Illness at CNE

TORONTO — Maple bacon jam has been identified as the ingredient on the Cronut Burger that made more than 200 people sick last week...

CNE’s Cronut Burger Linked to Foodborne Illness Outbreak

TORONTO — Toronto Public Health has linked the Canadian National Exhibition’s (CNE) Cronut Burger — a beef patty sandwiched between a doughnut/croissant hybrid —...

Cronut Burger Under Investigation After 34 People Became Ill at CNE

TORONTO — Epic Burger’s Cronut Burger is under an investigation at Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), following 34 reports of foodborne illness. “Samples of that...