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In the Kitchen With: Darren MacLean, Shokunin and Greenfish, Calgary

Food has always been in Darren MacLean’s DNA, but his relationship with it started as a tenuous one. MacLean started in the industry as...

Sustainable Sushi and Sashimi is Making Waves in Canadian Foodservice

Canadian diners are becoming increasingly educated on the negative impact world-wide industrial fishing has had on the environment and, similarly, foodservice operators have become...

Coming Soon: Greenfish

CALGARY — Chefs Darren MacLean (Shokunin) and Duncan Ly (Foreign Concept) have partnered to launch a fully sustainable sushi restaurant in Calgary. Greenfish is...

Honing in on Knife Selection

Ask any chef about their choice of knives and most will tell you it’s a personal subject. There are those strictly interested in the...

Cook It Raw Explores Alberta Cuisine

LAC LA BICHE, Alta.― Cook It Raw has partnered with the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance (ACTA) for its eighth edition, running from May through...