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Preference for Plants: Trends in Plant-Based Dining

Examining menu offerings across the country, it’s clear that plant-forward offerings have made their mark on the foodservice industry. And this is likely to...

Health-Conscious Diners are a Driving Force for Menu Innovation

Today’s diners are better educated about their food than they used to be, which has contributed to an increased demand for nutritious menu options....

Pizza 73 Expands Plant-Based Offerings

CLAGARY — Pizza 73 has launched new menu items, including Cauliflower Crust, two new plant-based-protein toppings — plant-based pepperoni and plant-based spicy-sausage crumble — and the Super Plant...

Pizza Pizza Adds Plant-Based-Protein Options

TORONTO — Pizza Pizza has launched its new Super Plant Pizza — the first plant-based-protein recipe available on the menu. “The pizza landscape in Canada is...