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Fred Victor Receives Funding for Women’s Bakery Program

TORONTO — Fred Victor has received $50,000 in funding from Penny Appeal Canada to support its Women’s Bakery training program, which prepares women for...

Technomic, Deloitte Advisory Research Assess What’s Next in Supply-Chain Logistics

CHICAGO — Although today's food supply chain infrastructure is efficient, the underlying assumptions that form its foundation are becoming less relevant. According to a...

TrainCan Celebrates Success of Emergency Readiness Workshop

TORONTO ― TrainCan Inc. launched its newest training program, “Emergency Readiness Training Basics for the Food Industry,” with its first workshop this week. “Well thought...

TrainCan to Launch New Training Program

TORONTO — Traincan,Inc., which offers food-safety training and certification for foodservice, is preparing to launch “Emergency Preparedness Training Basics for the Food Industry,” this...

MTY to Acquire Mr. Sub

MONTREAL — First it was Koryo Korean BBQ, and now Mr. Sub is expected to soon fall under the MTY Tiki Ming Enterprises Inc....