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From the Editor: The Epitome of Excellence

With the sudden arrival of December, it’s time to cast our eyes to the year ahead but not until we take one last look...

Labour Shortages Continue to Plague the Foodservice-and-Hospitality Industry

By Stephen Renard TORONTO — The global travel industry is projected to grow by almost 50 per cent, reaching approximately $650 billion in 2022. This...

Minimum-Wage Hike in 2022 Worries Canada’s Foodservice-and-Hospitality Industry

By Nicole Di Tomasso TORONTO — Foodservice and hospitality businesses across Canada are worried about the minimum-wage hikes scheduled to take effect in 2022 as...

Industry Mourns Death of Paul Douglas House

VINELAND, Ont. — The foodservice-and-hospitality industry is mourning the death of Paul Douglas House who passed away on Oct. 25, 2021. He was 78...

From the Editor: The Human Touch

As we prepare to vault ourselves into a new year, we close off this one by celebrating excellence, just as we’ve done for the...