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Labour Shortages Continue to Plague the Foodservice-and-Hospitality Industry

By Stephen Renard TORONTO — The global travel industry is projected to grow by almost 50 per cent, reaching approximately $650 billion in 2022. This...

Minimum-Wage Hike in 2022 Worries Canada’s Foodservice-and-Hospitality Industry

By Nicole Di Tomasso TORONTO — Foodservice and hospitality businesses across Canada are worried about the minimum-wage hikes scheduled to take effect in 2022 as...

Industry Mourns Death of Paul Douglas House

VINELAND, Ont. — The foodservice-and-hospitality industry is mourning the death of Paul Douglas House who passed away on Oct. 25, 2021. He was 78...

From the Editor: The Human Touch

As we prepare to vault ourselves into a new year, we close off this one by celebrating excellence, just as we’ve done for the...