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Kikkoman at the Bar

While umami-rich cuisine is nothing new, forward-thinking bartenders across the country have recently taken a tip from the kitchen and started to bring umami behind the...

Cooking Outside the Box

Chefs are using soy sauce in innovative applications to bring unexpected umami to all sorts of dishes. “Soy sauce has the perfect balance of five...


Plant-forward dining is moving to the centre of the plate, grabbing the attention of vegetarians and omnivores alike. When meat is removed from the plate, umami...

Building a Better Bowl with Kikkoman

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, bowls offer everything a modern-day Canadian consumer could want in a quick meal, making them an easy and adaptable option...

Innovation on the Menu

A healthy appetite for bold new flavours is changing menu choices for the better. In the not-so-distant past, teriyaki and soy sauce were confined to...