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Waterloo Brewing Suffers Cyber Attack

 KITCHENER, Ont. — Waterloo Brewing Ltd., fell victim to a cyber attack earlier this month.  The company reports the attack was perpetrated sometime in early...

Accounts of McDonald’s App Users Being Hacked

TORONTO — Multiple Canadian users of McDonald’s My McD’s app have reported their accounts being hacked. Back in February, a Halifax woman reported that hackers used her...

CTV: Debit Fraudsters May Hit Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — Winnipeg restaurant owners should be aware of a possible string of portable debit terminal frauds that may affect their businesses, according to...

CP: CRA Reports 143 Cases of Fraud in Foodservice

OTTAWA — The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has uncovered the use of tax-evasion software at more than 400 restaurants in Canada, according to CP....

Fishy Labelling Sparks Interest

TORONTO – An recent article in the Toronto Star revealed that Canadian consumers may not be getting what they pay for when it comes...