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Canadians Lean Conservative When It Comes To Fruit Flavours: 2018 Study

TORONTO — Recently, Canadians were surveyed by Puratos Canada’s Marketing team to find out which fruit flavours were most likely to elicit a purchase...

Smoothie Trends Can Be Many Things To Many People

It can come in a cup, glass or bowl and as a meal replacement, caffeinated beverage, cocktail or a health-boosting concoction. The smoothie category...

Extreme Pita Launches Two Purfresh Beverages


TORONTO — Extreme Pita has launched two new Purfresh beverages, made in-house with premium, fresh ingredients, available at participating restaurant across Canada and the U.S.

Fruit-derived Spirits Are Winning Market Share

The bar scene has evolved. Whisky has made a comeback, and other classics are earning attention, too. This comes as luxury items are trending...

Is Ontario’s Fruit Season Squashed?

TORONTO — Ontario retailers, restaurants, jam producers and bakers will likely be forced to source much of their apples, plums and cherries outside of...