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You’re Going to Need More Garam Masala

This month, we’ve gathered 10 delicious ways of sprinkling, stirring, mixing and roasting the flavourful South Asian spice blend Garam Masala into items already...

Canadians Lean Conservative When It Comes To Fruit Flavours: 2018 Study

TORONTO — Recently, Canadians were surveyed by Puratos Canada’s Marketing team to find out which fruit flavours were most likely to elicit a purchase...

Smoothie Trends Can Be Many Things To Many People

It can come in a cup, glass or bowl and as a meal replacement, caffeinated beverage, cocktail or a health-boosting concoction. The smoothie category...

Extreme Pita Launches Two Purfresh Beverages


TORONTO — Extreme Pita has launched two new Purfresh beverages, made in-house with premium, fresh ingredients, available at participating restaurant across Canada and the U.S.

Fruit-derived Spirits Are Winning Market Share

The bar scene has evolved. Whisky has made a comeback, and other classics are earning attention, too. This comes as luxury items are trending...

Is Ontario’s Fruit Season Squashed?

TORONTO — Ontario retailers, restaurants, jam producers and bakers will likely be forced to source much of their apples, plums and cherries outside of...