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Experts Predict Worst Wine Harvest In Europe In Half A Century

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Drought, hail and cold weather have damaged European grapes this year,leading to the worst harvest in years, according to the European...

Alberta Farmers Celebrate Good Harvest

EDMONTON — Alberta farmers are breathing a sigh of relief thanks to a warm, dry fall that followed a soggy summer, reports The Globe...

Wheat Harvest Concerns Prairie Farmers

TORONTO — Western Canada Wheat farmers are concerned about this year’s harvest due to rain and flooding combined with competition from international markets, according...

Canyon Creek’s Harvest Menu Returns

TORONTO — The local food movement continues to gain traction across all foodservice industry segments, including at the casual-dining chain Canyon Creek, which just...

Guelph’s Artisanale Celebrates Harvest

GUELPH, Ont. – While the lowly root vegetable may have an image problem to contend with, the culinary team at Artisanale Café in Guelph...