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La Prep Pushes Forward

Despite COVID-19 looming large over the industry, the upscale bistro-style restaurant chain La Prep is pressing on, with some of its restaurants...

Samosas for a Good Cause

TORONTO — Chaska has announced it will donate proceeds from all its samosa sales to Trillium Health Partners for a limited time. 

Pizza Pizza’s Slices for Smiles Program Returns

TORONTO — Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73’s Slices for Smiles program is set to return on May 27. For its 12 year, the program...

From the Editor: On the Plate

As the population ages, our obsession with health intensifies. The relationship between the two is clear and, in recent years, we’ve become über-focused on...

Healthcare Operators Struggle to Find Balance in Foodservice Offerings

Mention hospital food and visions of Jell-O and bran muffins come to mind. But according to foodservice experts, healthcare facilities are raising the bar...

Hospital Makeover

Canadian hospitals are beefing up their meal programs, offering greater choice, personalized service and more local food options When many Canadians hear the words...